At WayOut Studios we believe that you deserve high quality service when marketing your product or service, without having to pay for our MD's sassy sports vehicle. All of us come from a large ad agency and design house background, and we've seen the exorbitant fees that clients are charged for work done. We have the same expertise and experience as the people in large agencies, but we offer our services at a fraction of the cost because we lack the overheads of larger companies.

Apart from the fact that smaller businesses often can't afford the fees charged by larger agencies, these agencies are often simply not interested because of "insignificant budgets". When you come to us, YOU tell US what your budget is, and we'll tell you what we can offer your budget.

We firmly believe that, if we do our work properly, our smaller clients will in time become bigger clients.

Another aspect that sets us apart from larger agencies, is that we're not interested in winning awards with the work we do. We're interested in whether the work we do sells your product or service. We're in the business of selling, not in the business of finding a platform for exposing our artistic flair.

Try us. You'll be pleasantly surprised.