In order to be able to tell our story, we need to tell the story of our clients. Because we don't believe in an "us" and "them" relationship, we've asked two of our clients to tell you how they feel about us.

Loock Pharmaceuticals
Our relationship with WayOut Studios has come a long way from the days when we were placing miniature one-colour ads for our only well-known product, ReliSlim. We've worked in partnership with them in developing effective strategies and creating effective advertising. We now have five highly successful products (ReliSlim, Vascafem, Fix-a-Bum, Relistrong and Vascacydin) on the market, and we're advertising in a wide variety of the largest consumer magazines in the country every month. Our relationship with WayOut Studios has been profitable, and we're living proof of the fact that small clients become large clients.

Nature's Cycle
As a small company, our needs in terms of marketing communications are very varied. We've asked the guys at WayOut Studios for everything ranging from writing and producing a training manual for our sales reps to designing a website for us. Whatever we need, they are able to deliver at very affordable prices. We can recommend dealing with them. They are, in many ways, a way out.